For PhD or MPhil students

i) What are the Bernhardt group research areas?

Please refer to the Bernhardt Group page

ii) How do I apply for a PhD or MPhil with the Bernhardt group?

  1. Refer to the AIBN Research Degree website
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest form
  3. If you are invited to apply, submit an online application via Application for Admission and Scholarship  

i) Is there a scholarship I can apply for? 

Please refer to the Scholarship website.

iv) I have more questions, who do I contact?

  • Queries on the application process - AIBN RHD 
  • Bernhardt group research areas - CTCMS 
For Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral positions will be advertised here when funding is available. If you are applying for a fellowship and would like to work in the Bernhardt group, please send details to CTCMS 

For additional information, please refer here 

For student interns, summer or winter research students

These are offered on a competitive basis at UQ and the Bernhardt group has positions available on some occasions. For additional information, please refer here